Mid-Century Modern Rooms and Sheds an

Materials and Options


All models come standard with 3/4" Purebond (non-formaldehyde) plywood floor. Smooth and easily painted.

Options include:
  • Vinyl composition tile—the original Eichler surface. Add $575.
  • Medium grade plush nylon carpet. Many colors available for $500, installed.
  • Hardwood—maple, Brazilian cherry, or bamboo. Pre-finished. Add $1,100.
  • Forbo Marmoleum sheet flooring (made with natural materials). Waterproof and available in many beautiful colors. Add $875.
  • Cork planks or squares. Soft, natural, and very classy for an additional $1,500.
  • If you have purchased flooring that you want to use, we can install for approximately $400.

      Standard roof is GACO Elastomerick 50 year roofing. For slope roof we use 30 year shingles.

      Options include:
      • Fixed skylight 2' x 2' is available at $1,700, installed. Larger sizes or operable models are also available at a higher price.
      • Knotty pine tongue an groove ceiling available for an extra $950.

      Exterior Siding

      Standard siding is T-111 construction siding with 4" wide grooves. Weatherproof, insect, and mold resistant. 

      Options include:
      • Original Eichler-style siding grooved at 1 & 5/8" wide increments, $1,100. 
      • Cedar or shingle siding, add approximately $1,800 (installed).

      Interior Paneling

      Standard interior is sheetrock.
      Optional is luan hardwood, very similar in appearance to the original Eichler paneling. $400. It is ready for you to finish, or we will oil it for you or paint it for $1,500.

      Other options include:
      • Hardwood paneling in maple or oak. Add $875.
      • We can quote you other wall treatments such as painted sheet rock, cedar, or bamboo.


      Standard is one 2½' x 3' white vinyl double-pane sliding window with screen. 

      The "classic Eichler" transom windows below the roof line are $1,500 for a set of four.

      Custom window and glass options are available in all sizes. Call for quote.


      Standard is a 3' wide hinged steel door; flush-mounted and insulated. 

      Aluminum frame sliding doors are standard on the peaked roof model and the glass front models.

      Options include:
      • Milgard aluminum sliding door: $1,500.
      • Three piece window set, add $1,400.
      • Vinyl clad wood doors or French doors can be quoted as desired.


      Standard roof insulation is 1½" rigid insulation bonded above the ceiling.

      Walls are
      R-13 eco-friendly fiberglass batts with Tyvek house-wrap envelope.

      Floor is 1½" rigid insulation

      • recycled Levi's jeans insulation is available for $500.


        Most electrical work requires a licensed electrician under permit. However, we offer a simple closable port for your extension cord (12 gauge) for $200.

        We can wire your interior, not hooked up to plugs or outside, for your electrician to approve and finish. Includes four plugs and one switch. $750.

        Painting and Finishing

        We will paint, stain, or finish the exterior of your Backyard Eichler for about $1,400. We offer 25 approved Eichler paint and stain colors, and many trim options. We can paint, stain, or clear finish the interior for $1,400 as well.

        For 2 colors outside and 2 colors inside, $3,000.


        We can install redwood and composite decks of any size. Charges for level areas are as follows:
        • Con-heart redwood: $25 per square foot.
        • Railings and steps are extra.
        • Special leveling requirements may add cost.
        • rounded or custom decks available.  


        Our standard foundation is 2" x 6" pressure-treated fir on 16" centers, supported by 1½" concrete blocks in ground contact, leveled. A sloping site may require additional work and expense. This method is suitable for all but the most extreme conditions such as earthquakes.

        Other options include:
        • Concrete pier and post construction, add $400 to $1200 depending on height and slope.
        • Poured slab foundation: $8 per square foot.
        • Stemwall and footing foundation available.

        Atriums, Bathrooms, Potting Sheds & Storage Kiosks

        All of these additions are designed to suit your needs, in the Eichler style.
        • Bathrooms cost $9,000 to $12,000 and must be permitted.
        • Atriums, with or without roofs, can be almost any size and do not require permits.
        • Potting sheds are not finished inside and can be any size, with or without greenhouse glass. Ask for quote.
        • Storage kiosks are also variable in size. A kiosk measuring 2 ft.deep by 8 ft. wide and 7 ft. high, built against your house and containing a potting table, shelves, two hinged doors, and Eichler siding. Installed for $1,700.

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