Do you install your sheds?

No, we do not. We sell only the pre-designed kit. If you are not up to the challenge of doing it yourself, you can either hire a contractor to do the assembly and installation or hire a skilled carpenter with experience installing sheds. We can provide you with a list of recommendations.

Do you provide the foundation?

We provide a box frame foundation with pressure-treated 4x4's that are rated for contact with the ground and suitable for a level site. Any additional cost related to hillside locations are a matter to be discussed with your installer.

Will I need a permit?

For most local ordinances and codes, buildings that are 120 square feet or less and not used as a permanent bedroom are categorized as an "accessory building" and do not need a permit or a permanent foundation. Set-backs do apply. It is your responsibility to check with your local planning department and your HOA for their policies.

Can I order a Backyard Eichler larger than 120 square feet?

We offer custom buildings larger than 120 square feet. For these structures you will need a permit. 

Can I live in a Backyard Eichler?

The laws in most municipalities require a building permit and electricity for a room that is used for permanent residency. However, in most areas an "accessory building" of 120 square feet or less can be put on your property without a permit. In most cases you can use this room for an office, studio, or even an occasional spare room for guests. It is your responsibility to know the allowed uses in your locality. 

Do you install electricity?

We provide the wiring, outlets and switches for the interior electrical. You will need an electrician for the hook-up.  

Does my Backyard Eichler include a finished interior?

We do not provide or install flooring. The kit provides sheetrock or Luan paneling, but we do not do any installation or finish work. Your installer will be happy to assist you.
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